I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our monitor and one of the excellent student in our class. Although she is clever, but she works very hard. We have a lot on common and have a lot to talk about. One evening she told me that something happened when her parents was out. She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when she smelt something burning. She stopped look out of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out of her neighbour’s house. She called 119 immediate. Ten minutes later, the firemen came and put out fire. Her neighbour was very thankful for her help.


I went to see the film after supper. On my way the cinema, I met an English woman, who lost her way. I gave up the chance see the film and took her to her hotel. While go there, I told her about great changes that had been taken place in the past few years and she had told me anything about her country. Although I missed the film, I still felt very happy, for I had not only helped her out of trouble but practise my spoken English. If I had not worked hard on English, I would have been able to help him.


Dear Ralph,

I"m a senior student. I"m getting well with a boy in my class. But I have fallen in love with him for almost half a year. He is shy boy, so I wrote him a letter first to express my feeling. He wrote back. In his letter he said, "We are students. Our task is study hard. Let us to wait and see whether we have some chance after graduation." So after graduation I telephoned to him, ask him about going out. But he said he didn"t want to. He just wanted to sleep and watched TV. What do you think I should do? Do you think I should continue to love him and give up?


Dear Bob,

Hello. I learn about you from my English teacher, Miss Fang. I’d like to your penfriend, and get to know more about your country.

First, let me tell you something more about myself. My name is Li Hua. I live in Beijing, where is the capital of China. I go to Hongqi Middle School. We study quite a few subject, such as maths, Chinese, English and physics. I use to play ping-pong a lot on my spare time, but now I am interesting in football. Do you play any ball games? What your favorite sport? I look forward to

hear from you soon.

Yours, Li Hua

Two months ago, I went to abroad for further study. Before I left, I was given a lot present. Among them,there were two presents which were really interested me. My sister buys me a book with color pictures about body language and with words about customs of different country in them. My brother gave me a note which read, “My present has put in your bedroom.” When I hurried into my bedroom, I found a box, in that there was an electronic dictionary. I was very glad but a few surprised to receive these two presents.


Dear Li Ming,

I have received your letter yesterday. Don’t worry about you. I’m getting along well with my research works in the lab. But, to my surprising, you say you will give up learn English. The reason is that you have not done well in it recently and you have lost interesting. I’m afraid I can’t agree with you. I know it is not easy to learn English, and English is widely used in the world today and it will be important tool in your future work. Besides, it is becoming more and more important at our daily life. If you study hard, you will succeed. Do remember where is a will, there is a way.


Dear Sally,

Now I’d like to tell you something about my part-time job, in it I work like a guide in a travel agency. This is the first time when I have earned mone y. I’ve realized what hard my parents work to support for the family. I was used to ask them for money, but now I’ll never waste money or learn to share worry with my parents. I’ve learnt how to get along well with other. What’s more, I have gained some so cial experience and I have learnt something can’t be learnt from textbooks. In the word, I had a wonderfully and valuable summer vacation.


Sports is fun and most people in the world, whether men or woman , boys or girls enjoy them. Since long ago, many adults and children called their friends together to spend many hours play games. Why? One of the reasons is that sports help make them live happy. In the other words, they help to keep people strong and feeling good. When they were playing games, they move a lot. That is why sports are good activities for their healthy. Having fun with their friends make them happy. Many people enjoy sports with watching others play.

No. 9

I went to the Summer Palace on last week. At the gate I happened to meet some America tourists.

I greeted him in English and then we began to chat. I got to know that they were college students travel in China. They were busy with taking pictures and were much impressed with the changes

had taken place in the past few years. After which, we went boating on a lake and had a good time. We exchanged our email address so that we could write to each other on the future. They thanked me again and again. I was very glad to have a chance to practising my oral English


My classmate except me were in high spirits. At the coming party I would have to do some cleanings, for I wasn’t able to dance and sing. During the party, I tried to keep the room being clean. After the party I got rid the rubbish. Enjoying my classmates’ smiling faces, I f elt their job worthwhile. When told the room will have been a dustbin without me I thought of a saying, "There must have a use for my talent." You may have no special talent, so as long as you try to do good in everything useful, you’ll find everything is beautiful at every corner of your life.

No. 11

Recently, we have had a discussing about if we should study by discussing in free class. Views vary from persons to person. Most of the students consider that it is of greatly help studying by discussing in free class, that, they think, can help to find better ways to solve problems. What is much, they believe that they learn by discussing can last longer in their memories. However, there are 35 percents of the students holding the opposite view it is not good. They insist that discussing mean lacking thinking and the loud noises is caused by it will disturb others.

No. 12

Our school lies on the foot of a mountain with a small river passes by. It used to be a quiet, clean and beautiful place for a school. It is a pity which things have changed after a chemical factory was built near our school one year ago. Every day the factory produces many waste water and some harmful gases. The terribly pollution is harmful to our health. What’s bad, the great noise from the factory had a bad effect on our activities. As a result, our school is no longer what it used to. Our teachers and students are miserable beyond the description.

No. 13

Now I’d like to tell you something took place in my school yesterday. In the aft ernoon we are all held together for our 18-years-old birthday. At the first we promised that like grown-ups we should be responsible for our society. Then we expressed thank to our parents who experienced hardships to bring us up and our teachers who educated us heart or soul. And our teachers also gave to us cards expressing our good congratulations and wishes to us. Finally, we put on wonderfully performances.

No. 14

In the country now, there are many children do not attend the school. I think one of the reasons is that their families are very poor to send them to school. They had to stay at home to make money to support their families. Other reason is that many parents think it useless of the girls to study and

they do not like them to go to school. A third reason is what some children are not interesting in their lessons. In my opinion, all children, included girls, have the chance to receive education. Everybody should pay attention for the education of the children.

No. 15

It is known to us, a severe tusnami occurred in the Indian Ocean in December 26, 2004. It’s reported that more than 10 countries were suffered from the disaster. But it caused more than 200,000 deaths and left million of people homeless. Countless houses and schools have destroyed. Just imagine how the students here need help. Schools should be rebuilt so that they could return to classes soon. Here the Student Union calls for everyone to do something for them. We’ll have a voluntary contribution this week. Let’s give away our pocket’s money.

No. 16

The Guangming Middle School is in west of the city, with the Chengxi River run nearby. When you enter the school, you can see a big flower bed in the front of you, and two large buildings on both side: the library on your right and the teach building on your left. Walk on further, and you will find the sports building. Behind which, there are two basketball courts. On the north of them is the sports ground. On it’s east side stand two buildings: the dining hall, or the dormitory. All the buildings of the school is surrounded by bushes and flowers.

No. 17

One morning, Mrs. Smith’s dog was hunger. She took out a piece of paper, that read, “Give it half a pound of meat.” Then she gave it to the dog saying “Bring it to the butcher’s.” The dog r an here and gave the paper to the butcher. He read it and did. Soon, the dog came again and gave him other piece of paper. Without looking, he did so once more. Two hours late it came again. He wandered why Mrs. Smith gave it so much meat. He read the paper and found out there was not a single word on it. What a clever dog it was!

No. 18

Mr. Chen has a habit of drink. The best present to him, of course, is wine. His the eldest son brought him a bottle of Mao Tai. He was glad and drank them up. Then he wrot e “105”on the trademark with a pencil, meant he had already drunk 105 bottles the wine. Two days late, a stranger came and offered to paying 5 Yuan for the empty bottle. Mr. Chen was very pleasnt and sold it. Several days later, his second son brought him other bottle of Mao Tai. While enjoying it, he suddenly found out “105”----the very mark on it.

No. 19

One day a lawyer happened to see a man beat a donkey with a stick. “Why were you doing that?” asked the lawyer. “To make the donkey to go.” answered the man. “Have you right to beat the animal like that?” asked the lawyer once again. “Certain I have.” said the man. “It is my donkey and I can do that I’d like to with what is my”. The lawyer thought for a minute and took his own stick and beat the man. “Stopping!” cried the man, “Are you mad?” “Oh, yes. This is my stick and I can do what I like with what was mine.”

No. 20

An old man was seating in an armchair at home, reading his newspaper. Beside him lay a dog sleep soundly. The old man decided to leaving home for a while, and he couldn’t go out with his slippers on. So he woke up the dog and let it fetched the shoes for him. Out of its expectation, the dog didn’t even stand, but just barked with two eyes closed again. He was complete puzzled. As he was wondering what was happening, a cat appeared in the front of him. Why do you think a cat came there?

No. 21

Show respect to parents is one of the Chinese traditional moral value. As most of the students today are “the only child” in their family, they often regard them as the “centre” of the family, without caring many about their parents. Our school start a programme when the new year came. It is “Respecting parents programme”. Ten “Do’s” have worked out for the students to follow clearly and easily. They in clud: “Remember your parents” birthdays and express you"re the best wishes to them; tell “hello” to your parents see them returning home; and tell your parents where you go when you leave home.” The programme has been successfully.

No. 22

Welcome to Holl and! I hope you all enjoy your staying here. I’m glad you have come on April, for spring is certainly a best season to get to know Holland. I’m sure you will amazed by the color and variety of all the flowers. You won’t be able to stop taking photograph! W e have many beautiful towns. I suggest you start by taking a boats trip on the Canals. It’s a relaxed way of visiting the old canal houses. Then you can visit to our museums and churches. You don’t have to worry about language problems there. Just have a pleased trip and come again next year.

No. 23

This is said that Great biologist Darwin was a man with a sense of humor. Once he is invited to dinner. At the dinner, he happened to sit next a young good-looking woman. “Mr. Darwin,” the woman asked a biologi st, “I heard of you have made a surprising conclusion which the person"s ancestor is the monkey. I am suitable for you row of judgment?” “Certainly.” Darwin well-mannered replied. “I am like the monkey?” "Yes, you aren’t. And you were changed not from the ordinary monkey, but from the extreme attractive monkey.”

No. 24

I am shy when at school. I was afraid of speaking in front of the class. When I had to face such many classmates, I felt nervous but my voice and legs shook. My teachers helped me a lot of. They often encouraged me to answer question in class and to go to the teachers’desk to read lessons. Sometime I felt I didn’t do so well but they spoke high of me. Meanwhile, my classmates kindly asked me to join them all kinds of activities. All these helped me with my confidence. Since then on I dared to do that I wanted to.

No. 25

When tea and coffee was first introduced to Europe in the 18th century, people thought they were harm. So the king of Swede decided to find whether this was true or not. It was happened that

there were two brothers whom were in prison then. The king ordered one of them to drink tea every day and the others coffee. All of them lived for many years without any problem. The one who had to drink tea died in the age of 83 and the other lived even long. Therefore, Swede is one of the countries there much tea and coffee are drunk.

No. 26

My wife and me spent two weeks in London last year. We went here in autumn. We stayed in a small hotel in the West End. It was convenient as we do most of our sightseeing on foot. Taxis was quite too expensive. We couldn’t understand the bus routes, but my wife didn’t like traveling by the underground. She said it made her to feel sick. We went to look at the places which all tourists see. We saw the Buckingham Palace. We came shopping in Oxford Street and spent too many money. What we liked most, though, was going to theatre.

No. 27

One day I happened to find out a chatting room in my QQ, there people were chatting in English. I tried to chat with some of them. To my surprise, I found the oral English of some junior students were better than me. I asked them for advices and they told me to practise more on QQ. But every day after that I would spend one hour practise my oral English on QQ. Day by day I learned from many useful words and expression. With time going by, I found I could even communicate some college students freely.

No. 28

The Internet is a computer network use the telephone system to link together million of computers around the world. Once you’re connected to the Internet, and there are lots of difference things you can do. You can send “e-mail” to your friends as long as they were on the Internet, or looking through all sorts of information on the World Wide Web. You don’t need know how the Internet works in order to use them. But if you understand the basics which may help you solve many problems you have and you can impress your friends by your Net knowledge !

No. 29

Mr. Huang is sixty years old and had retired. He taught our chemistry when we were in Grade One. He taught very well. He tried his best to make his classes live. He usually made well preparations for the lessons and was strict with us. Each time when we made mistakes in our homework, he would ask us to correct it. I was poor in chemistry. He often helps me with my study patiently. With his help I made great progresses. He was very kind to his students. As experienced teacher he was respected or loved by all the students.

No. 30

Last week I went to a movie, which was very touched. It was a sad movie about a mother and her sons. When the child was a little boy, his mother was very poor that she had to send him for a rich family who had no child. The boy received a very good education and twenty years late he became a doctor. In his hospital, he had a patient, an old lady. He doesn’t care too much about her, for she could hardly afford for the medical care. One evening, the lady died quietly and on her bed the doctor found a letter, in which he discovered truth and felt the love of a great mother. He wanted

to call his mother, and it was too late. Everybody in the theatre was moved to tears.


改错一:who"s 改为whose 2.正确 3.去掉but 4.on改为in 5.parents后加were 6.homeworks改为homework 7.stopped后加to 8.find改为found 9.immediate 改为immediately 10.fire前加the

改错二:the改为a 2.正确 3.see前加to 4.go改为going 5.去掉been 6.

去掉had 7.去掉but

8.去掉had 9.on改为at 10.him改为her

改错三:1.getting 后加on或along 2.fallen改为been 3.shy前加a 4.feeling改为feelings 当情感讲时feeling常用单数 5.study前加to或study改为studying 6.去掉to 7.去掉to 8.watched改为watch 9正确10.and改为or 改错四:1. learn 改为learnt或learned。 2. to 后加be 或become。 3. 删去more。第一次告诉Bob 关于自己的一些事情,此处用more 不合逻辑。 4. where 改为which。在此非限定性定语从句中,关系词在从句中作主语,故用which。 5. 此行无错。 6. subject 改为subjects。quits a few 意为“相当多”,修饰可数名词复数。7. use 改为used。据下文but now 可知,此处应用used to do 表示“过去常常做某事”。8. interesting 改为interested。be interested in…为固定短语,“对……感兴趣”。9. What 后加is。此句无谓语。10. hear 改为hearing。look forward to doing sth.为固定短语。


76.去掉to短语错误。go abroad“出国”。


78.去掉第二个were动词错误。interest在此是及物动词用法,意为“使……感兴趣”。be interested in“对……感兴趣”。







85.few→little混淆错误。a little 与little 可以用作副词,表示“有点”“稍稍”,修饰动词、副词、形容词或介词短语。如:He is a little tired.他有点累了。而a few不可用作副词。

改错六1.have去掉 2.about后的you改为me 3.works→work 4.learn→learning 5.recent→recently 6.interesting→interest 7.English后的and改为but 8.be后加an 9.at→in 10.where后加there

改错六41. about→with/to 根据句意,可知此处是表达“和父母交谈”,而不是“谈论父母”。

42. as→even if 意为“好像”,与句意不符;根据句意,此处应是表达让步关系。故用even if ,意为“即使”。

43. going→gettin g get along well with 是固定短语,意为“和…相片融洽”。

44. √

45. way→ways some在此处修饰可数名词复数。

46. walk前加a go out for a walk意为“出去散步”

47. and→or 此处表选择关系。

48. are→were “他们年轻时候”应用动词的过去式。

49. our→their 和they保持一致。

50. honesty→honest 形容词honest 作表语。

改错七 1.it—which 2.like—as 3.when—that 4.what—how 5.was used去掉was 6.or—and

7.other—others 8. something后加that 9. the word→a 10. wonderfully—wonderful

改错八 1. Sports is→are 2. woman→women 3. called前加have 4. play games→playing 5. happy→happily 6. the other去掉the 7. they were→are 8. healthy→health

9. make→makes 10. with→by

No.9 1. on last去掉on 2. America tourists→American 3. greeted him→them

4. students travel →travelling

5. busy with去掉with

6. changes后加that

7. After which→that 8. email address→addresses 9. on the→in

10. to practising→practise

No. 10 1. My classmate→classmates 2. some cleanings→cleaning 3. and sing→or

4. being clean去掉being

5. rid后加of

6. their job→my

7. will have→would

8. must have→be

9. so as→but 10. do good in→well

No. 11 1. a disscussing→discussion 2. from persons→person 3. greatly→great

4. that→which

5. much→more

6. believe that→what

7. percents→percent

8. view后加that 9. mean→means 10. 去掉is

No. 12 1. on→at 2. passes→passing 3. which→that 4. after→since 5. many→much

6. terribly→terrible

7. bad →worse

8. had→has

http://www.wendangku.net/doc/c71a84196e1aff00bed5b9f3f90f76c661374c9a.htmled to后加be 10. 去掉the

No. 13 1. took 前加that 2. are→were 3. 18-years-old→18-year-old

4. 去掉first前面的the

5. like→as


7. or→and

8. 去掉gave后面的to 9. expressing our→their 10. wonderfully→wonderful

No. 14 1. children前加who/that 2. 去掉attend后面的the 3. very→too 4. had→have 5. other→another 6. of→for 7. what→that 8. interesting→interested

9. included→including 10. for→to

No. 15 1. It is→As 2. in December→on 3. were suffered去掉were 4. But→And 5. million→millions 6. destroyed前加been 7. students here→there

8. they could→can 9. calls for→on 10. pocket’s→pocket

No. 16 1. west前加the 2. run→running 3. the front去掉the 4. both side→sides 5. teach building→teaching 6. further→farther 7. Behind which→it

8. On it’s→its 9. or the→and 10.school is→are

No. 17 1.hunger→hungry 2. that read→which 3. Bring→Take 4. ran here→there 5. and did后加so 6. other piece改为another 7. late改为later

8. wandered→wondered 9. found out去掉out 10. What→How

No. 18 1. drink→drinking 2. His the去掉the 3. them→it 4. meant→meaning 5. bottles后加of 6. late→later 7. paying→pay 8. pleasant→pleased

9. other→another 10. found out去掉out bottle→bottles

No. 19 1. beat→beating 2. Why were→are 3. to go去掉to 4. right前加the

5. Certain→Certainly

6.do that→what

7. is my→mine

8. Stopping→Stop

9. yes→no 10. was mine→is

No. 20 1. seating→sitting/seated 2. sleep→sleeping 3. leaving→leave 4. and he→but

5. fetched→fetch

6. its expectation→his

7. stand后加up

8. complete→completely

9. the front去掉the 10. think a →the

No. 21 1. show→showing 2. value→values 3. them →themselves 4. many→much

5. start→started

6. worked前加been

7. your the去掉the

8. tell→say

9. see→seeing 10. successful→successful

No. 22 1. staying→stay 2. on April→in 3. a best→the 4. amazed前加be

5. photograph→photographs

6. boats→boat

7. relaxed→relaxing

8. visit to 去掉to 9. problems there→here 10. pleased→pleasant

No. 23 1.This→It 2. he is→was 3. next后加to 4. a biologist→the 5. heard of去掉of 6. conclusion which→that 7. you row→your 8. Yes→No 9. And→But

10. extreme→extremely

No. 24 1. am→was 2.such→so 3. but→and 4. a lot of去掉of 5. question→questions 6. Sometime→Sometimes 7. high→highly 8. join them后加in 9. Since→From

10. that→what

No. 25 1. was first→were 2. harm→harmful 3. find后加out 4. was happened去掉was 5. whom→who/that 6. others→other 7. All→Both 8. in the age→at

9. long→longer 10. there→where

No. 26 1. me→I 2. here→there 3. do→did 4. Taxis was→were 5. but my→and

6. by→on

7.to feel去掉to


9. many→much 10. theatre前加the

No. 27 1. find out去掉out 2. there→where 3. were better→was 4. than me→mine 5.advices→advice 6. But→So/And 7. practise→practising

8. learned from去掉from 9. expression→expressions 10. communicate后加with

No. 28 1. use→using 2. million →millions 3. and there去掉and 4. difference→different 5. they were→are 6. looking→look 7. know前加to 8. use them→it

9. which may→it 10. by→with

No. 29 1. had retired→has 2. taught our →us 3. live →lively 4. well →good

5. 去掉when

6. correct it→them

7. helps →helped

8. progresses→progress

9. As 后加an 10. or→and

No. 30 1. touched→touching 2. sons→son 3. very poor→so 4. him for→to

5. late→later

6. doesn’t→didn’t

7. afford for去掉for

8. quietly→quiet

9. truth前加the 10. and it→but